Cleanup North Brooklyn is a community organization composed of residents, parents, children, artists and business owners that advocates for clean air, safe streets & fair employment in our mixed residential, industrial and commercial neighborhood.

While we love most of our good industrial neighbors, our home is overburdened by privately owned waste transfer stations and concrete plants that pollute and endanger our community on a regular basis. These facilities do whatever they want; they do not follow the law nor take any meaningful steps towards protecting the neighborhood.

Cleanup North Brooklyn aims to bring light to these issues and stimulate bad neighbors to become good ones. We will clean up our neighborhood and make it a safe place to walk and breathe.


  • Waste Transfer: Brooklyn Transfer LLC is a privately-owned waste transfer stations that violates its permit approximately 150 times per day. It underpays & mistreats its workers, sprays dangerous chemicals onto public streets, and endangers pedestrians. We are fighting for the facility to significantly invest in its employees and facility to mitigate its impact on the neighborhood, or be permanently closed.
  • Concrete Plants: We regularly experience clouds of carcinogenic particulate matter blowing through our streets from a number of concrete mixing plants. The facilities dump toxic wastewater into city sewers and regularly break the law. We are fighting for concrete mixers to invest in dust control equipment and start following the law in order to keep our community safe and healthy.
  • Trash Cans: Our neglected neighborhood has virtually no trash cans on street corners and receives very little street cleaning and maintenance. As a result, we have rats, trash strewn across the area, and vacant lots that turn into dumping grounds. We want to, literally, clean up North Brooklyn, starting with adding trash cans to our street corners.